The History of Leith

February 1, 2008

We’re going all out now for museum

PRAY it happens. South Leith Kirk’s minister Ian Gilmour, prominent in the campaign to establish a Leith Museum, tells me the campaigners are searching for alternative locations to the front-running waterside Custom House in Commercial Street.

“We find now it’s probably wiser not to concentrate our minds on any one site, namely the Custom House, because if that should fall flat our campaign would be deflated, back to square one.

“Talk of a museum for the port has been ‘simmering’ for 30 years and only in the last couple of years have we brought it to the boil, so to speak.

“Most of our plans have fallen on stony ground and at our latest meeting we decided on a more positive tack, there’s so much at stake.’

“We’ll look for alternative locations and broaden our thinking beyond the 3000 artefacts already gathered. In themselves they’ll create a major impact.

“But we want to present, too, the more visual aspects of Leith’s history through film and a website.

“Before the Coronation in 1953 an effective five-minute film was made about the port, involving actors in period costumes and the voices of women living locally at the time. We’re thinking about making a new film, not just about Leith’s past but also how it functions today.”

So get on with it, reverend. Make a movie. Find a place.

acknowledgement-JOHN GIBSON-Scotsman

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