The History of Leith

January 27, 2008

Who claimed under the Poor Fund,North Leith-1817

The population of North Leith in 1817 was 6000 . Out of this 110 monthly pensioners are listed on the Poor Roll. Seven Widows lose there benefit as they were deemed fit to work and that they could find work in the fields that existed between Leith and Edinburgh at the time.

Reasons for being on the Poor Roll were as follows-

Widows with Children 24
Ill Health 24
Infirmary 23
Lame 9
Debility 7
Blind 4
Mental debility 3
Insane 2
Bedrid 2
Disabled Hand 2
Lost use of an Arm 1
Abandoned by parents 1
Orphans 1
Ruptured 1
Asthmatical 1
Sore Leg 1
Deserted by father 1
Husband went to sea never returned 1
Husband wrecked off Shiant 1
Mother dead,Father enlisted Children abandoned 1

(Debility means the effect of disease, infirmary means a decline due to age)

Adopted from “Old Leith-The Caring Community”

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