The History of Leith

January 17, 2008

The property of William Thorburn-1817


Kirkwood, Robert, fl. 1806-1828
Title: This plan of the City of Edinburgh and its environs.
Imprint: Edinburgh : Kirkwood & Son, 1817.


This was the property of William Thorburn who was the father of David Thorburn. He is buried in South Leith Churchyard

David Thorburn 1833-1834

4th Sept 1832.The Moderator stated that since the last Meeting of Session it had pleased Almighty God to remove by Death, The Rev. Dr. Robertson minister of this Parish in the Second Charge.
A Petition was laid before the Session addressed to the Patrons of the Vacant Charge in the Parish by a number of members and hearers of the Congregation craving that they may be pleased to appoint Mr David Thorburn Assistant to the late Dr. Robertson as his Successor.

4th December 1832. It was stated that on the 26th ultimo Mr David Thorburn had been unanimously elected to the vacant charge in the Parish and that the Presentation in his favour had since been sustained by the Presbytery.
2 April l833, Rev. David Thorburn who, this day, took his seat in the Session was ordained to the office of the Ministry and admitted as Minister of this Parish in the Second Charge by the Presbytery of Edinburgh on the 14th Ult.
(Note. Thorburn was second minister of the church until he seceded in 1843. His father was a tea and coffee merchant, his warehouse being at the corner of Laurie Street and the Kirkgate. The family occupied the present manse, prior to its purchase by the heritors in 1846. Some of Mr Thorburns relations are still resident in Leith.)
31 May 1843.It was stated in the Session that the Rev. David Thorburn, one of the Ministers of this parish, had seceded from the Established Church, and had, last Sabbath, officiated in the place of worship of the Methodists in the parish, as a Minister of what is designated the Free Protesting Church of Scotland.
It was also stated, that the following Members of Session, viz .Messrs. Adam White, James Combe, Thos. H. Weir, Ruling Elders, and Dr. Robert Muir, and Mr George Thorburn, Deacons had in like manner seceded from the Established Church and joined the said Free Protesting Church.The Session appointed the Moderator to communicate with the said Elders and Deacons, as to the correctness of the Statement made regarding them, and to report to a Meeting to be held on Friday next 2nd June at half past 7 O clock P.M., to which time the Session adjourned.
11 July 1843. The Moderator laid upon the Table the following Notice from the Presbytery Clerk:
Edinr. 6th July 1843.
In obedience to the instructions of the late General Assembly, the Presbytery of Edinr. hereby intimate to the Kirk Session & Incorporations of South Leith, patrons of the second charge, that the Rev. David Thorburn has by his own act ceased to be a Minister of the Church of Scotland, and that the charge which he occupied as one of the Ministers of South Leith was become vacant.
(Signed) David Runciman, Pres Clk.
The Session instructed the Clerk to send Copies of this Notice to the Admiral of Leith for himself and the Magistrates, and to the Masters of the Trinity House, Maltmen, and Merchant Company, and the Convener of the Trades, for the information of their respective Incorporations.
Notes from the South Leith Records

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