The History of Leith

January 13, 2008


A fishing town in North Leith parish, Edinburghshire, on the Southern shore of the Firth of Forth, 1 1/8 mile East of Granton, 1 mile West North West of the centre of Leith, and 2¼ miles North by West of Edinburgh Post Office. The place has an old fashioned air; and the red-tiled, two storey houses with outside stairs and jutting gables, the strings of bladders, and the big boats, hauled up on the shore or rocking in the harbour, all give it a picturesque look, which is lacking in modern watering-places. Then the people themselves, belike of Scandinavian origin – the stalwart, weather-beaten fishermen ‘like blue sea puff-balls’; and the Amazonian fishwives, whom the late Charles Reade has drawn so well in. for more click here

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