The History of Leith

December 11, 2007


map 1822-nls

D.1827. “No doubt” name derived from property owned at one time Leith by St. Giles Kirk, Edinburgh, i.i.i. 208. Hand creden, On property owned by a family of Giles. Houses etc. to be lying in Dubrow, owned by heirs of late John Giles, brewer: to in shewn by Alexr. Giles, brewer, eec.j.s. 31/1/1774. Wm. Giles Brew St. Giles St. (sic) D. 1800. Mrs. Giles & Son, brewers. Lees quarter p.w. 1780/81, 10 7. Mistakenly St. Giles St., D. 1800. D. 1820, 57. Wm. Giles, Brewer, lxith, v.r. 33. Mr. Giles, the brewer, t.f.l. 152, m.t.c. 9/9/1829.

source-Edinburgh Street Derivations

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