The History of Leith

December 11, 2007


map 1822-nls

Probably from Henry Campbell, a Fleming who lived in Leith and owned property there in the time of Charles I, Cromwell, and Charles II, j.s. The suggestion of “Cable” in a seaport is obvious, ,11.486.C.2. Henry Capill to be free maltman of Leith, m.t.c. 5/12/1660 D. 1799, 77. Cable Wynd, D. 182 7. Originally Kapple’s Wynd, o.& n.e. iii 226. Kappel’s Wynd in map of 1850 in Robertson’s Sculptured Stones of Leith, Irons 1.297. From a Dutch or Flemish resident, m.t.c. 18/8/1802, 6/3/1816. Alias Mathieson’s Wynd, m.t.c. 7/2/1821, 6/3/1838. Among streets in Leith to be repaired is Caple Wynd leading to the Water of Leith, m.t.c. 13/4/1743.

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