The History of Leith

December 10, 2007



Old name of the locality. James II granted Greenside in 1456 for tournaments etc., i.w.c.h. vol. 1, p. 833, 13/8/1456, Anderson 10, at one of which Queen Mary first saw the reckless Bothwell, Wilson, i. 134. Named from “the verdant and turfy slope that overhung the path to Leith”. o.& n.e. ii. 101. A Carmelite Monastery and Leper Hospital stood there. The roode of Greenside,27 Aug. 1534, Wilson ii. 26,6. Greenside Well, Kirkwood. Greenside House stood in the Lover’s Loan, o.& n.e. iii. 159. To be let Called. Merc. 18/7/1785. Apply to Jas. Marshall, Shown as Marshall’s house, Ainslie 1804. Shown Ord. Surv. 1852. Greenside Burn, nearly parallel to Leith W Eastside, Ainslie 8O4. o.&n.e.iii.205. “The lands anciently called the Greenside”, Maitland 246, r.c.g.11. Name seems to occur 13/8/1456, r.c.g. 20. Lepers still in the Hospital Charter of Charles 23/10/1636, r.c.g. 11. Originally the name of a piece of the Town’s “playground” (for tournaments, sports etc. in the hollow), granted certain friars Carmelites. Name transferred to leper house, and extended to yards thereof, m.t.c. 3/1/1827. Greenside Row,m.t.c. 9/2/1841. G. burn, 11/10/1842. Temple lands, wester end of Grei syde, Prot. 13/10/1528. The Boog and piece of arable ground called Greensyde lying between Calton Crags on the cast, and the highway leading from Caldtoun to Leith on the west, m.t.c. 17/10/1707. Nov. 1633, Mr. John Hairt, M.D. infested in half of tenement of land beside the Greenside holden of the good Town as patrons of the Hospital founded at Leith Wynd foot gratis, as heir to umq. Issobell Cutlate his guid dame; and 6 Nov. 1633 in the other half as oye to umq. John Hairt in Canongate, m.t.c.

Source-Edinburgh street Derivations

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