The History of Leith

November 27, 2007

Saint Ninian (c.360-432AD)

Most of the information we have about St Ninian comes from two main sources. One is from Saint Aelred (Ethelred) of Rievaulx (c.1110–1167AD) who was a Cistercian monk, abbot and historian in medieval Briton and France. The other is the Venerable Bede (673-735AD). Bede was an English scholar who wrote on early history and produced an encyclopaedia called the Ecclesiastical History of the English People which contained large excerpts from the writings of a man called Pliny the Elder (23-79AD). Pliny was a Roman scholar and encyclopaedist. His major work consisted of 37 volumes and contained a summary of ancient knowledge. Pliny’s works were widely plagiarized by later encyclopaedists. This has left the writings of Bede and Aelred open to question and debate. for more click here

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