The History of Leith

November 17, 2007

Views of Leith Harbour in the Past

If Leith is about anything it is about the Sea and Ships. Leith has been a port for well over two thousand years. It is the port which has shaped its history and will its future destiny. Here are some views of the harbour from its past

Leith Pier and harbour 1798

The entrance to Leith harbour 1826

The approaches to Leith harbour (The Leith Roads) 1824

The East and West Piers of Leith harbour 1880

The Landing of Mary, Queen of Scots at Leith in 1561

The Old harbour and Pier about 1820

West and East piers 1920

The Clipper “Isabella”

The “Sirius” the first ship to sail under steam power to cross the Atlantic. Built in Leith

The “Kobenhaven” The second largest sailing ship in the world built at leith and lost on a voyage to Australia.

leith harbour as extended by Robert Mylne in 1685

Leith harbour in 1680 showing the Kings Wark, Old and New Ship Inns and Mylne’s land
but not the Signal Tower which wasn’t built until 1685

Old North Leith showing St Ninians Church and Manse and Innes’s Boatyard

The Signal Tower and Mylne’s Land looking along the Shore Leith
Leith Smack-The Comet 1809

The old Bridge end early 19th century

Leith harbour 1829

Leith Docks in the 19th century

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