The History of Leith

October 11, 2007

Update-Leith Museum Campaign

Dear Leith museum supporter

I am writing to tell you about two important developments in the campaign for a Leith museum.

Firstly, our petition to the Scottish Parliament will go before its Public Petitions Committee at its meeting at 2 pm on Tuesday 6 November. We have been informed by the Scottish Parliament that MSPs with a local interest in a petition can go along and speak in support. This is a good opportunity to publicise the case for a Leith museum, so it would be excellent if there was a good turn-out of Lothian MSPs to support the petition at this meeting.

If you live in Lothian, please think about contacting your MSPs to ask them to go along. Remember you have one constituency MSP and seven regional list MSPs! And if you don’t live in Lothian, it would do no harm to let your local MSP know you support the campaign. A Leith museum would not just be for Leith, but for Scotland as well! You can find out details of your local MSPs and how to contact them on the Scottish Parliament website at

Secondly, you may have seen in the local press reports that there might be space for some type of museum in the redevelopment of Leith docks being proposed by Forth Ports. The proposal is very general, and I know that a lot of people believe that the new development would not be the right place for a Leith museum. – I have those doubts myself.

However, this does give the opportunity to emphasise to the local planners the importance of a Leith museum being established somewhere in Leith. Even if a Leith museum itself wasn’t in the docks, there is always the possible of some ships or other heritage being located in the new development. And the developers could always be asked to make a contribution to a Leith museum at a nearby location.

It would be good if supporters of a Leith museum made their views known about the proposed development. Have a look at our campaign website at for
more details of the development, and how you can submit your views to Edinburgh Council on-line.

And keep looking at our website to stay in touch with developments in our campaign!

With best wishes

Mark Lazarowicz
MP for Edinburgh North & Leith

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