The History of Leith

October 9, 2007



Lothene is an Edinburgh based group involved in researching and recreating aspects of life in Scotland in the 11th Century.

The 11th Century was the period in which the present day boundaries of Scotland were established. Lothene (Lothian), which had previously been a part of Northumbria, was incorporated into the Kingdom of Scotland by King Duncan. This was also the time of Macbeth, Malcolm Canmore, and St Margaret, when Scotland changed from being a primarily Celtic society to one with wider European links.
The population of Scotland was a mixture of Celts with Saxons in the South and Vikings in the North and West.
The lives of ordinary people at this time were mainly based around agriculture and life on farms or in villages although traders brought luxury goods from as far afield as Byzantium, India and Africa. for more click here

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