The History of Leith

October 5, 2007

Leith’s identity is worth fighting for

I READ the article “Nation’s treasures set for Waterfront” (Evening News, September 27) with some interest. Although I have no problem with the collections coming to Leith, it seems a bit odd to me that when corporate and political interest merge, especially when a good news story is needed after all the scandal of the “Edinburgh Waterfront”, it’s all hustle and bustle. My point is simply this, the people of Leith have campaigned for a Leith Museum for over 60 years and what has happened? Nothing. Why?

What does the National Collections have to do with the area, history and identity of Leith? Absolutely nothing! Is this another veiled attempt to remove the history, culture and identity of Leith? Once again it shows what contempt Leith is held and instead of accepting it like downtrodden serfs we should protest against the slow eradication of the identity of Leith in the name of corporate and political interest.


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