The History of Leith

September 26, 2007

The Armada Stone


Of all the carved stones of Leith,that which above all others engages our interest and excites our curiosity is the upper of the two panels built into the wall of the house immediately opposite of the head of St Andrew Square in the Main Street of Newhaven. The sculptures on the lower panel are similiar to those on the South Side of the Trinity House in the Kirkgate. They are the arms of the Incorporation of Mariners and must have adorned there property in Newhaven at on time. It isn’t dated but the cross staff became obsolete at the time of William of Orange over two hundred and fifty years ago.

The upper Panel mentions the date of 1588 and below is a 16th century ship with the flag of St Andrew. The ship is similiar to the “Yellow Carvel” of Sir Andrew Wood

Why this stone was erected is not known. Perhaps it was refugees from the Spanish ?

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