The History of Leith

September 18, 2007

Basilicon Doron

In 1598, King James VI & I wrote Basilicon Doron (sometimes spelled Basilikon Doron) – the Kingly Gift – as a testament to instruct his young son, for more click here

The Basilikon Doron is a treatise on government written by King James VI of Scotland, later King James I of England, in 1599. Basilikon Doron means royal gift. It was written in the form of a private and confidential letter to the King’s eldest son, Henry, Duke of Rothesay, born 1594. After Henry’s death in 1612, James gave it to his second son, Charles, born 1600, later King Charles I. It was printed in Edinburgh in 1599 and in London in 1603. for more click here

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