The History of Leith

August 21, 2007

Orders of Chivalry

Knighthood inhabits a grey area between the Commons of a land and it’s Nobility. The concept is an ancient one and, in its essence, revolves around a person who is a member of a distinguished clan or lineage and who is wealthy enough to own and maintain a horse, armour, and arms, serving their city or nation in the capacity of a semi-noble warrior. Such a person need not hold a noble or territorial title, but nearly always needs to be at least gentry, however that is defined by their society. Central to the idea is that of horse-borne arms – indeed, most words used to describe such a warrior or class evolved out of terms for “horse” or “rider” (Caballero, Cavaleiro, Cavaliere, Chevalier, Equites, Ritter – English forms the exception, “Knight” being derived from a word meaning “servant, companion, minion). for more click here

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