The History of Leith

August 8, 2007

Update meeting on Leith Museum

I thought it would be useful to organise an informal discussion to bring those organisations supporting the Leith Museum Campaign up-to-date with progress to date, and possible next steps in the campaign. I’m meeting with the Director of the National Museum of Scotland at the end of August, so I thought it would be useful to meet after that date.

I’ve therefore arranged a meeting for Monday 3rd September, at 7.30 pm in South Leith Parish Church Hall (not in the Church itself), 6 Henderson Street (courtesy of Ian Gilmour!)

I hope you can make it. It would be helpful if you would confirm with my assistant, Gary Calder, at who will be attending on behalf of your organisation.

This is planned as a meeting for supporting organisations. I will be suggesting we organise a public meeting later in September to keep informed the 3000+ people who’ve now signed the petition!

Many thanks

Mark Lazarowicz MP

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