The History of Leith

August 7, 2007

The History of Haggis

Haggis maker Jo Macsween will be hosting ‘Whisky with…Haggis’ with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The interactive presentation will take place at SMWS in Edinburgh on 11 August and at The Vaults in Leith on 17 August. It will offer a lively history of haggis and give insight into the family of haggis aficionados, what haggis really is, haggis’ Scandinavian links, the birth of the first vegetarian haggis and the future of Scottish traditional fare in the 21st century.

The audience will learn how haggis became Scotland’s national dish, Burns’ influence in this process as well as considering the widespread appearance of haggis on menus today, ranging from haggis lasagnes to haggis and tzaskiki wraps.

“I am excited to be involved in this year’s festival, as it gives me the chance to introduce haggis to an appreciative audience from far and wide,” said Macsween.

“Those attending will be treated to haggis canapés upon arrival, followed by an insight into the world of Macsween Haggis and a look at the versatility of haggis and the recipes Macsween has created.

“As if that wasn’t enough, the evening will include some of the Society’s finest festival malt whiskies.”

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