The History of Leith

August 6, 2007

Anglo-Saxon Church

The church of the Teutonic tribes from northwestern Germany who invaded Britain south of the Rivers Forth and Clyde in the 5th century, displacing the Celtic inhabitants towards Wales and Cornwall. The invaders set up a number of independent kingdoms, often at war with each other; they were evangelized, as the chances of peace or alliance might offer, in the following order: Kent (See of Canterbury founded 597; Rochester, 604); Essex (London, 604); Northumbria (including the district called Deira; York, 625); East Anglia (Dunwich, 630); Mercia (Lichfield, 656); Wessex (Winchester, 669); Sussex, the neighboring kingdom to Kent, was the last to be converted (Selsey, 708). The Christian Celts who remained in Britain were too insignificant in numbers to convert their heathen conquerors, and the Celtic Church in Wales and Scotland seems to have made no effort to preach to the Saxons. for more click here

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