The History of Leith

July 20, 2007

The Black Rood of Scotland.

In the year 1069 Edgar Aetheling fled north to the court of Malcolm III seeking refuge from the Norman invaders of England. With him he brought his two sisters and the elder of his sisters, Margaret brought with her the holy relic that was to become known as the Black Rood of Scotland.

A rood is of course simply a crucifix symbolizing the cross on which Jesus was crucified; and the Black Rood was no different, being an ebony crucifix (hence the black) in which was set a piece of the true cross which was kept in a casket in the shape of a cross ornamented with gold and set with large diamonds. Where exactly it came from is uncertain, Margaret possibly brought it from Hungary where she was born or it possibly came from Waltham Abbey (per the Catholic Encyclopedia).for more click here

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