The History of Leith

June 19, 2007

The Last Supper


source-The Life and Times of Leonardo

A representation of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” can be seen in the Great East Window of South Leith Church. However as can be demostrated above Leonardo always worked to a very strict mathematical basis in all his pictures.Which had nothing to do with secret messages as Dan Brown would have us believe.

Enlargement from the “The Last Supper”

“St John the Baptist”

Compare and contrast the two pictures above. The top picture is an enlargement from the Leonardo’s “Last Supper” showing the “So-called” female figure it is actually St John “the beloved apostle”. The picture below Leonardo’s “St John the Baptist” again a male figure showing a very strong female appearance. The point being Leonardo liked good looking young males and always painted them in a very female way. So there is no great mystery here.

source-The Life and Times of Leonardo

The anatomy of the arm (Muscles)

Enlargement-“The arm of St John the Baptist”

Enlargement-“Virgin of the Rocks”

Hands were a great theme of Leonardo and he made a study of them. Both in his art and in his study of the anatomy of the human body. The hand of St Peter isn’t threatening in the “Last Supper” but rather seems to be pointing as can be seen in comparison with the hands from his “St John the Baptist” and the Angel in the “Virgin of the Rocks”


The Proportions of man according to vitruvius

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