The History of Leith

June 19, 2007

Support from the Military Knights of Christ Temple of Jerusalem

Dear sir/s, May I introduce myself first I am Chev Graham Flockhart Russell KGOTJ. I am Commander of Lothian of the Military Knights of Christ Temple of Jerusalem, Scottish Knight Templars. We as an order have an historical interest in leith and have recently found out that you plan to push for a museum within leith, on leith history and culture. we would like to
assist you in your endeavours and give you all the support we can. as an order we have direct links worldwide with the church and would suggest that the Seal of St Anthony’s Preceptory which is on display in the Scottish National Museum be returned to Leith and put on display within the Leith Museum. can you possibly give me more details on the leith museum and plans and our order will with the support of worldwide members petition the museum and parliament to have these seals returned to leith. lavs deo

Chev Graham Flockhart Russell KGOTJ ,Preceptor of leith, Commander of lothian.

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