The History of Leith

June 15, 2007

Petition by John Arthur to the Scottish Parliament

(PRLog.Org) – Petition by John Arthur calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to support the creation of local museums such as the proposed Leith Museum.

For the first time a petition for the establishment of a Leith Museum is to be presented to the Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament. For this to be a success as many people as possible must sign the petition and there is only twenty days to go. Should this fail then it may be another sixty years before another attempt is made.

Leith deserves a museum which will appeal to both young and old, strengthen community links at a time of rapid social change, and will highlight Leith’s important role in the history of Scotland as a whole

Further a Leith Museum wouldn’t only focus of the History of Leith a small place in Edinburgh, but what people seem to fail to recognise, is the central role that Leith has played in the history of Scotland. Most of the Kings and Queens of Scotland from the time of David I came to Leith including William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Reformation of the Church of Scotland started and was completed in Leith, The Knights of St John built one of the largest monasteries in Scotland in Leith, the whole idea of the United Kingdom has its origins in Leith, Not to mention the poets, writers, painters, doctors, social reformers, soldiers, engineers, seamen, and real pirates connected to Leith that gave the world great literature like “Kidnapped” and “Treasure Island” by Robert L. Stevenson. That is not to mention the Ship builders and inventers and the list of the contributions of Leith to world culture and heritage is endless. The first steam ship to cross the Atlantic was built in Leith like the first ship to pass through the Suez Canal and this is only scratching the surface of Leith History… So to suggest that Leith hasn’t a history is showing a very great ignorance and stupidity but is also insulting to the people of Leith

However in my opinion this must be done not only for the well being of Leith, or the development of Leith, not only for business reasons which are good enough reasons in themselves but for the future generations of Leithers that will come after us, for our children and our children’s, children. Are we really going to allow the History and culture of Leith to be left ignored and discarded as if it was nothing because if we do that this generation and this council will stand rightly condemned at the bar of history.
So if you can, where ever you are, please sign the petition at-

This really is our last chance to do anything about this. Please help by signing the petition.

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