The History of Leith

June 14, 2007

Scottish Pirates

Spùinneadair-mara (spoo-nuder mara) in Gaelic means plunderer, spoiler, or robber on the sea. Or more specifically, pirate. All that is known about some Scottish sea raiders are their names, like Alan of the Straws, and some tidbit of fact or legend, such as he lived in Torloisk on the Isle of Mull. The earliest pirates, of whom some record exists, were Vikings. In 617 pirates–perhaps Vikings, perhaps a band of female warriors from Loch nam Ban Móra–attacked a monastery on Eigg. Saint Donan, the founder of the island monastery, celebrated mass with fifty-two monks. At his request, the pirates permitted him to finish the mass before they beheaded Saint Donan and the others. for more click here

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