The History of Leith

June 5, 2007

Campaign for a Leith Museum

For decades, there have been repeated calls for the establishment of a Leith Museum. Campaigns have been launched, studies carried out,promises made – but Leith, one of the most historic communities in Scotland, still does not have a permanent, full time, museum.

Now, as Leith undergoes massive change, the case for the port to have its own museum is stronger than ever. A museum will be a showcase of Leith’s heritage to the Leith community, bringing together Leithers of many generations with those who have settled Leith only recently.

Leith is deserves a museum which will appeal to both young and old, strengthen community links at a time of rapid social change, and will highlight Leith’s important role in the history of Scotland as a whole.

Now is the time for government and public agencies, with the support also of the big developers who are transforming the face of Leith, to make a real commitment to help establish a real museum for Leith. Edinburgh City Council has an important role to play in achieving this objective, but it is not the Council alone that will be able to deliver a museum for Leith. The Scottish Executive, the National Museums of Scotland, Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothian, the National Trust for Scotland, elected representatives – and the Leith community itself: the active support of all of these will be needed to make this campaign a success.

That is why I along with others have launched a broad-based campaign for a Leith museum. If you support the campaign, let me know!



John Arthur

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