The History of Leith

May 29, 2007

Join the Campaign for a Leith Museum

The recent announcement that National Trust for Scotland was likely to sell off Lambs House to for a housing redevelopment has led to a lot of public interest in the idea of setting up a Leith museum. (Another suggestion for a location is the Leith Custom House see right). I’ve been in touch with a number of local groups who are keen to have such a museum set up, and I thought it would be a good idea to launch a campaign in support of the proposal. I had planned to do a bit more preliminary work for the campaign (and I also thought it might be best to wait until the elections were over) but there’s been some interest in media who’d heard we were thinking of starting such a campaign. So we’ve launched our campaign – if you support us, sign the on-line petition!

John Arthur and his Persevere Portal has been really keen to promote the campaign, and with all his contacts, I am sure the message will get round soon enough! We want to get as many signatures as possible, to show that this is something the people of Leith – and friends of Leith, and Leithers and ex-Leithers worldwide – really want to happen. for more click here

Sign the petition

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