The History of Leith

March 15, 2007

Trace Your Ancestors in Scotland

Certificates of Birth, Marriage and Death
The first rule for any genealogical search is to start with yourself and work backwards in time. Your own birth certificate gives your parents’ names and the date of their marriage. The marriage certificate gives stated ages which should lead to birth certificates and so on, back to the beginning of compulsory registration in 1855.

These certificates are available in statutory registers for the whole of Scotland in New Register House, Edinburgh , and for local areas in local registry offices. The local registrar also provides a Genealogy Centre at 22 Park Circus, Glasgow , with microfiche of the statutory registers for the area of the former Strathclyde Region, a national computer index covering the period since 1855, an index to the 1891 census and other source material.for more click here

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