The History of Leith

March 14, 2007

Historic Meeting

The meeting together of the Kirk Sessions of the 5 Leith congregations of The Church of Scotland was indeed a historic event. This special meeting took place on Monday 12 March 2007 in Leith St Andrew’s church. Some 60 elders together with the 5 congregational ministers took part in an evening of both business and social interaction.

Ian Gilmour chaired the meeting and started off welcoming everyone and explaining just how significant this coming together was. It was wonderful to see elders representing all 5 congregations greeting each other, many as old friends and many as new friends.

Alistair Keil from the Deployment of Resources came forward and presented the audience with an ‘outsider’s view’ of what has been happening in Leith across the 5 congregations. Alistair gave out 5 questions for the elders to take away and consider. Alistair suggested that our answers may help address some of the issues the forum faces now and in the future.

Alistair then took several questions from the floor before bringing this section to a close.

The elders then viewed the Forum film (approx 15 minutes). All congregations have now had a chance to view the film. This lead us into a 15 minute period of mixing and chatting with a cup of tea after which the elders broke off into small groups of 7 ensuring there was at least one elder from each congregation in all of the groups. Ian asked the groups to consider 3 questions and to document their answers. After 30 minutes of individual group discussions a rep from each group took it in turn to come forward and share their group’s answers with the whole audience. The documented answers have been collected by the Forum committee and will be taken into account in deciding future actions.

Ian brought the meeting to a close with everyone saying the Grace to each other.

This was indeed a historic event taking us further along the route leading to a true working together in Leith.

Arthur Mathieson
Session Clerk South Leith Parish Church

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