The History of Leith

March 2, 2007

Surgeons’ Hall Museums, Edinburgh


Scotland’s largest medical museum houses one of the most significant surgical collections in the world. William Playfair’s outstanding Pathology Museum*, the oldest in Britain, contains human anatomical and pathological specimens from the late 18th century. Other objects, images and artworks trace surgery’s fascinating history from Roman times to the present including the breakthrough discoveries of antisepsis and anaesthesia, the curious development of false teeth and the chilling Burke and Hare murders. ‘Sport, Surgery and the Well Being’ highlights the benefits of sports and exercise medicine and gives you the chance to test your skill as a surgeon on the keyhole surgery training unit.

Note: The museum displays human remains which some people may find unsettling.

Collections description
The museums contain objects in 9 main categories: anatomical and pathological specimens; casts and models; histological preparations; furniture; paintings and other works of art; photographic prints and slides; voice, video and other recordings; surgical and other instruments; and miscellaneous items. for more click here

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