The History of Leith

February 15, 2007

St Thomas-Junction Road Parish Church

In 1752 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland enjoined the Presbytery of Dunfermline to induct a minister Rev Andrew Richardson, the presentee of the patrons, to the parish of Inverkeithing in spite of the opposition of the parishioners.
Thomas Gillespie (1708-1774), minister at Carnock, holding the view that no Church Court has the right “to intrude” a Minister on a congregation against its will refused to take part in the induction at Inverkeithing. The General Assembly found Thomas Gillespie guilty of “contumacy” (insubordination) and deposed him from the ministry.
In 1761, having been joined by two like-minded ministers, Thomas Gillespie founded the “Presbytery of Relief” for “the relief of Christians oppressed in their christian privileges”.
The Relief Church advocated Voluntaryism: the separation between Church and State and thus the complete independence, spiritual as well as financial, of the Church. for more click here

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