The History of Leith

February 9, 2007

Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor (29 November 1489 – October 1541) was the eldest of the two daughters of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and the elder sister of Henry VIII. In 1503 she married James IV, king of Scotland, thus becoming the mother of James V and grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots. Most important of all, Margaret’s marriage to James was to lead directly to the Union of the Crowns. Fate, it was once argued, had intended Margaret to be Queen of Scots. Born on 29 November 1489, she was christened on the 30th—St. Andrew’s Day—in St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster, dedicated to Scotland’s only royal saint. In all Margaret was to be married three times, and her history in this regard might be said to parallel that of her granddaughter, Mary Queen of Scots, with its liberal mixture of tragedy, intrigue, duplicity and simple farce.for more click here

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