The History of Leith

January 20, 2007

Captain John Bruce

I Am brought to this Place to discharge the Debt I owe to Nature, and do chearfully resign to the Blessed Will of Almighty GOD; whose Mercies I adore, in that He has afforded me His Grace and Means sincerely to Repent me of my past Sins, and such Time to prepare for that blessed and glorious Change, which I hope to meet with in a few Minutes.

I’m not ashamed for that Gause for which I die ; but rejoice that I am worthy to be a Sacrifice, in the Vindication of the undoubted Right of my Lawful and Natural Liege Lord King James the Third, and the Expiring Liberties of my dear Country.
(He was a relation of Lady Bruce who lived in Leith in the 18th century and is mentioned by Robert Forbes.) for more click here

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