The History of Leith

December 6, 2006

The Three Lords

There were three Lords of the Manor of Restalrig -the lords Balmerino, Sir William Purves of Abbeyhill, the persecutor of the Covenanters and the Nisbets of Craigentinny of whom the first Laird James having purchased the lands from the notorious Sir Robert Logan, the last of Restalrig built what was the oldest and most interesting of Restalrig’s Mansions

The lords Balmerino, the Nisbets and Sir William Purves all “sat” in South Leith Church and adhered to the policy of the Stuart Kings in Church and State, rather than to that of the Covenanters. When the Church of Scotland Episcopalian in accordance with the policy of Charles II Lord Balmerino, Sir Patrick Nisbet of Craigentinny and Sir Wiliam Purves of Abeyhill became its staunch supporters in South leith.

The Nisbets died out in 1764 when the property was taken over by William Miller a Quaker seed merchant. It was his son William who instructed the building of his mausoleum under which he now lies as seen below.

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