The History of Leith

November 23, 2006

Christian Salvesen

Christian Salvesen (1827-1911), shipowner and whaling entrepreneur, was born on 8 March 1827 at Mandal, Norway, the eighth child of Thomas Salvesen, a merchant shipowner. He was trained as a shipbroker in Stettin and Glasgow before joining his father’s firm in 1846. Five years later, he married Amalie Andorsen, daughter of Gulow Andorsen, a leading Mandal shipbuilder, and they had four sons and three daughters. Salvesen then moved to Leith, where his brother, a broker in nearby Grangemouth, financed a partnership (Turnbull and Salvesen, 1853-1872) with George Turnbull. After a slow start in broking, they prospered, importing timber from Salvesen’s extended family and exporting coal from Turnbull’s Scottish connections. for more click here

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