The History of Leith

October 27, 2006

Forgotten Leith

These images of Leith belong to the Leith of the past but they still live on in the memory of many people.

Bangor Road Leith showing the Co-op Head Office

Brickwork Close. Just of the Kirkgate Leith

Couper Street

Srorries Alley Mentioned in the Kirk Records of South Leith and named after a brewer who helped during the plague of 1645

The Cant Ordinary before it was demolished it stood opposite South Leith Church

The Tolbooth wynd end of the Kirkgate

Giles St Leith demolished 1914

A Co-op Carter with his horse

The junction of Giles Street and St Andrew Wynd now demolished

Couper Street

The corner of St Anthony Street and the Kirkgate c1880

The “Tontine” Foxes Lane Leith

St Ninians Church, North Leith showing part of Hart’s Land rhs

Rear of the Cant Ordinary

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