The History of Leith

October 5, 2006

S.Byrne &c

A Full, True and Particular account, from the Scotsman Newspaper of this morning, and other authentic sources, of the great, alarming, and fatal Riots in Glasgow, between the Scotch and Irish, in consequence of the Death of Mackay the Boxer, attended with the Murder of three men, and of a foot solder, and the partial destruction of the Roman Catholic Chapel: and also of a Regiment of Solders having joined in the tumult, which was only quelled at last by the Dragoons, after some hundred persons had been apprehended. Here you have also a true account of the verdict by the Coroner’s inquest. held on the body of poor Mackay, against Simon Byrne and all who were present aiding and abetting at the fight. for more click here

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