The History of Leith

September 5, 2006

The Drunkard’s Raggit Wean

A wee bit raggit laddie gangs wan’ren thro’ the street,
Wadin’ ‘mang the snaw wi’ his wee hackit feet,
He’s shiv’rin’ i’ the cauld blast, greetin’ wi’ the pain :
Wha’s the puir wee callan ? he’s a drunkard’s raggit wean,
He Stan’s at ilka door, and he keeks wi’ wistfu’ e’e,
To see the crood aroun’ the fire, a’ laughin’ loud wi’ glee ;
But he daurna venture ben, tho’ his heart be e’er sae fain,
For he manna play wi’ ither bairns—the drunkard’s raggit
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