The History of Leith

September 4, 2006

Thomas Gillespie Led Revival and Founded a Church

265 years ago on this day, September 4, 1741, Thomas Gillespie became the minister of Carnock-in-Fife, Scotland. The surrounding region was soon experiencing revival under this man of God.

A decade later, in 1752, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church deposed him from his ministry. Gillespie had opposed the patronage system under which the rich and powerful decided who filled the pulpits. Gillespie insisted that all members of a church, however unimportant in man’s eyes, were equal in God’s sight and should have a say in choosing their minister, especially to reject an unspiritual man.

Cast out, he and some like-minded evangelicals formed the Relief Church of Scotland. Eventually their churches merged with another Presbyterian group to become the United Presbyterian Church in Scotland, one of that nation’s biggest denominations.


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