The History of Leith

August 30, 2006

Intrepidity of John McGregor’ against a shark who had killed his friend

A most Strange and Wonderful Account of the Courage and Intrepidity of JOHN M’GREGOR, a British Sailor, belonging to the ship called the York Merchant, commanded by Captain BEAMS, who,When that vessel was lying in Carlile Bay, on seeing a sincere Friend of his, belonging to the same Ship, snapped through the middle by a large Shark while bathing, jumped into the sea, armed with a large sharp pointed knife, and pursued the voracious monster. Also an Account how he fought and conquered this dreadful Fish in the presence of several ships’ crews, followed it to the shore, ripped open its bowels, recovered the part of his friend’s body which the rapacious creature had swallowed, and had it decently interred with the other half that was taken up by his shipmates in the boat. for more click here

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