The History of Leith

August 23, 2006

The apparent murder of a family by a beggar

Account of one of the most horrid murders committed by a beg-
gar man ever recorded; the father of the family was out shoot-
ing, and while absent, the beggar demanded of the woman the
money he knew, was in the house; the woman went up a ladder
to where it was lying, and pulled it after her, by which she
escaped from his bloody hands; he then took the two children,
cut off their noses and ears, and then murdered them; the cries
of the woman drew the attention of an officer who was passing
in a carriage, who sent his servant to know the cause of the
cries; the beggar plunged a knife in his body, and he fell; the
officer then advanced, and met the beggar, who cscaped from
him, after losing the fingers of his right hand with a sabre, and
meeting with the father of the children, said an officer had mur-
dered his family, and he had just escaped; the man flew home
in distraction, believing the beggar’s story, shot the captain, and
on hearing the true account, fell down and died. for more click here

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