The History of Leith

July 29, 2006

1656 and all that

Dr Eliane Glaser: This year, Britain’s Jewish community is celebrating the 350th anniversary of Oliver Cromwell’s readmission of the Jews to England. The problem is, Oliver Cromwell didn’t readmit the Jews to England in 1656. To be sure, Menasseh ben Israel, the prominent Amsterdam rabbi, came to visit Cromwell in 1655 to try to persuade him to readmit them, and the Whitehall Conference was called in December of that year to discuss the issue. But the conference ended without reaching a verdict. In March 1656, six members of London’s Jewish community submitted a petition to Cromwell requesting permission to hold services in private without being disturbed by the authorities, and to establish a Jewish cemetery. Cromwell referred this petition to his Council of State, but it was ignored. for more click here

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