The History of Leith

July 26, 2006

South Leith and Genealogy

Janet WHITE ( / ) (IP: )
I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading the early records of South Leith. Having recently visited (June 22) your “Kirk” with John ARTHUR, your genealogist and historian,I became immensely interested in his fascinating stories of the Leith Kirk churchyard being used as a burial ground these last 3000 years. He truly was a wonderful teacher and put “meat on the bones” of my ancestors (Janet COWAN [1774-1852], her children: David [1791-1826], and David’s son, David MUIR [1823-1855],who died in a dual,?Elizabeth (1793-1825], and William MUIR (1801-1880], his wife Mary Campbell HOWLAND [1813-1870]and child William David Campbell MUIR (died 30 October 1872, buried 1 Nov. 1872, ?5years old. He also knew the history of all the souls who have taken part in the building of South Leith, from the Romans to the present day.

You are very lucky to have such a person at your church, so passionate about his subject. He not only typed out all the MUIR family names, with information about each one, but explained to me the inside of the church, then took me to the family home at 7 Wellington Place, pointing out all the landmarks.

Well done….

Burnaby, BC

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