The History of Leith

July 22, 2006

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Name: Lesley Rose | E-mail: | IP:

I have discovered what I wanted from your site by going back to google and finding similar pages, thanks…

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Name: peter martin | E-mail: | IP:

I am looking for information about a wine merchant called John Brougham trading in Edinburgh / Leith in the 1820`s he was also importing stained glass from Europe in 1828-29.
Can anybody help?

thank you

Peter Martin

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Name: valerie currer | E-mail: | IP:

Most interesting. I am looking for info re my g.grandfather’s house on Leith Walk in Mid 1800s. His name Henry Currer, builder and his brother Thomas, a grocer lived next door. They married 2 sisters Euphemia and Anne Hislop. I believe the house still exists but I do not know the number. Can anyone assist me please? Valerie

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Name: Barbara Tilbury | E-mail: | IP:

Trying to obtain information relating to Warren Hastings Anderson who purchased a share in The Glass House Company for fifteen hundred pounds in late 1820 or very early 1821.

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Name: Jack Whadcoat | E-mail:,au | IP:

My father -Alexander Whadcoat(Guthrie?)may have attended your school sometime after 1890 later running away to Canada.
His father was John Henry Whadcoat.
My family tree is lacking information on Alexander and I’m wondering if you have records which could give me a lead?
Can you help at all?
Kind regards
Jack Whadcoat

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Name: Dr. J. Lawrence Hutchison | E-mail: | IP:

I have been researching my Scottish Caverhill ancestors who left Edinburgh in 1831 for Canada. I was confused by the references to Leith and Restalrig where family marriages and burials took place. This site has been useful in clarifying my problem.

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Name: james mulholland | E-mail: | IP:

Interesting website.I am researching the history of the secession church in Coburg Street, if anybody has any info on the church or Coburg Street please contact.

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Name: Sir Ralph LeRoy Abercrombie | E-mail: | IP:

Well done – keep up the good work!!!

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Name: Nigel Holmes | E-mail: | IP:

I am interested in the family of Dr Johnston, minister of North Leith from 1765 to 1824. Does anyone know details of his father, as I am trying to verify any connection between him and Robert Johnston, merchant of Edinburgh.

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Name: Robert B. Bell, 32nd Degree | E-mail: | IP:

I have long believed that Masonry began in Scotland, an off-shoot of the Knights Templar. I find your deductions quite logical.

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Name: Paul A.C. Richards | E-mail: | IP:

I would be very interested to hear about the history of the Australia Shipping Company which operated between Leith and Colonial Australia (New South Wales and Tasmania) in 1820s. There were two ships, the Triton and Greenoch. The company was formed in 1822 and folded I believe some 16 years later. The ship Triton was commanded by Captain James Crear. Crear was on half pay from the Royal Navy in 1814. His family were resident in Midlothian and his father James Crear Senior was a Master Mariner.
This shipping Company brought many settlers to (Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)and a small but succinct history would be an asset to the present book I am preparing on Capt James Crear R.N. and his life in Tasmania 1831-1859.
Looking forward to your comments and possible research into this important history of Leiths connection with Australia,

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Name: Stephen Gillon | E-mail: | IP:

Sounds good, I think a walking tour would be great.
I wonder if anybody rembers Jack Gillon and his shop on the shore?
I only have a very vague memory of him and would like to find
out more.

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Name: Caroline | E-mail: | URI: | IP:

There is a hamlet called Little London just south of the village of Shere, in Surrey. It is believed that it was called Little London because it is the place that former inhabitants of London took refuge from the Black Death. They aparently left London in the hope of escaping death, but not being welcomed in the villages, lest they bring Black Death with them, they were allowed to settle outside the villages.

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Name: Graham O’Harae | E-mail: | IP:

Amazing. I know understand a lot of what my father told me. He lived in Bowling Green St before emigrating to Australia in 1919

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Name: Graham O’Harae | E-mail: | IP:

I am extremely interested in your story. My father William Swanet O’Harae (O’Harrie) lived in Bowling Green St until 1919 and had a relative Gracie Sinclair who lved at No 11.
If you have any information about these people I would be extremely appreciative
Thanking You
Graham Melrose O’Harae

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Name: Steven Faires | E-mail: | IP:

I would be interested in any history or genealogy information regarding Leith. I have several ancestors from Leith, including my maternal grandmother, who emigrated to the United States in the early years of the 20th century.

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Name: jean | E-mail: | IP:

A genealogy magazine would be of great use as I have many relatives who lived in Leith

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