The History of Leith

July 19, 2006

Wardie School-1938

Thank you for a brilliant aid memoire of 1938.I was at Wardie Sch.and we had a coach trip to the Exhibition arranged by parents I still recall the thrill of meeting a real Canadian Mountie who my mother had been told to look out for as he was a neighbour’s son who emigrated in 1932.He gave me his autograph which made my classmates envious as autographs were not generally permitted in the Pavilion.I was also able to ascend the Tower.I subsequently became a pupil at Trinity in 1941 when Rector Scott was Principal my Year teacher was Miss Taylor and Donald Cattanach was Science master in the ex WWI wooden huts.We always referred to the Rectors office as the Butcher’s shop as you were always sent there for corporal punishment well it didnt do me any harm !!Scott was followed by Albert Weir who also had a viscious streak.I refused to sing Wee Cooper o’ Fife in Miss Caldwell’s Music Class one day – I remember saying it was just gibberish and I was promptly despatched to Rector Weir’s and received “six of the best!”In retribution I carved a Swastika on the piano side with my maths compass–I saw it was still there when I made a visit to the School as a parent in 1960!!I think I’ve gone on long enough enjoyed you article enormously.Ed Thomson (“Tubby”)Class of ’45.

Edward thomson

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