The History of Leith

July 18, 2006

Comments on Mist on the Ocean

ANDREW INGLIS ( ai@jdaarchitects / ) (IP: )
I am interested in the early period of steam trawlers: I have an account of a “steam paddle trawler” the Annandale which barely survived the “Black Friday” storm( really a cyclone) of Oct 14th-15th 1881, which limped back to newhaven harbour: as I understand it leith had not thenm expanded into the major facility it has since become. there arevinteresting accounts of fisherman providing security by checking on the varoius small islands in the Firth during WW1 and WW2`: this I am sure aware of. I wouls like to know more detailsa of the “Annandale” Whether the paddle was centre in board, or split like some American river boats or a rear paddle wheel. Unfortunately the article(dating from the 1930’s) does not indicate the crew or vessel size, but by implication she was large as she witnessed the sinking of some 30 fishing boats, some of which had 6 man crews.
I would like a reply indicating possible sources of further data if available.
regards Andrew Inglis (My great grandafther was on one of those fishing boats which sank!)

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