The History of Leith

July 18, 2006

Comment on the Wallace brooch

I have just found your comment on the Wallace brooch. It is possible that the brooch is from my family if they moved
from 4 Junction Street to 74 or if there was an error in the census of 1841. I know that several children came to the States and are in the 1880 census in Boston, Mass.There are several Wallaces in the bakery business in Boston at that time, but after that they again disappear except for one who appears in the1900 census. I would be glad to hear if you know anymore about this family who had the estate sale. Thank you for your commemt

I have a brooch from around that time, which is inscribed:
Mrs. J. G. Wallace
74 Junction St., Leith
Maybe this is your relative James, and you have been working with the wrong street address.
Lets comunicate. The Brooch turned up in an Arizona Estate Sale, this year.

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