The History of Leith

July 18, 2006

Comment on Leith Nurses

Antonia Hanna
Comment: I was just browsing because this morning I met for coffee two nurses trained in Leith. I got my certificate in 1955 . I married and went to live in New Zealand. I felt without the training I got in Leith I could not have succeded in N.Z

M.Eveleigh ( / ) (IP: )
TRained as a R.G.N. @ Leith hospital 1948-1951/2. Any info that period?

wilma hogg ( / ) (IP: )
I trained in Leith Hospital,1950-1953.staffed for one year in ward4..They were truly happy days and we were given support by Miss Mitchell.(matron)Although I left leith to go to that other place(Glasgow and nursed there for 38yrs.I have never forgotten Leith Hospital and all the staff I knew,and ofcourse the motto PERSEVERE.
Wilma Hogg (East Kilbride)

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