The History of Leith

June 21, 2006

A Funny Conversation

Cuddy WILLIE, the Pigman, and HAWKIE, the Speech
Crier, Twa Celebrated and Well-known Characters
in Edinburgh, on occasion of the Last All-Hallow
Fair, held in the Vicinity of Auld Reekie.

ALL Hallow Fair had scarce begun,
When noise on noise, like morning gun,
Cam’ frae the wast an’ frae the east,
No like to man but rather beast.
The cry frae CUDDIE WILL was loud,
Which first alarmed the Keelie crowd,
The next was HAWKIE, cunning elf,
Wha’s rhyming Rhymes made by himself;
When they twa met—a feast to see,
Them crying pigs and poetry.
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