The History of Leith

June 13, 2006

Christ’s Kirk on the Green

Verse 1: ‘Was never in Scotland heard nor seen / such Dancing nor Deray, / Neither on Falkland on the Green, / nor Peebles at the play; / As was of Wooers as I ween, / at Christs Kirk on a day; / For there came Kittie washen clean, / with her new Gown of Gray, / Full gay that day.’ The text beneath the title reads ‘Composed (as is supposed) by King James V. Newly Corrected according to the Original Copy’. Many reprints were made of this poem, and all those held by the National Library of Scotland show subtle differences in wording and spelling, reflecting the ‘corrections’ that were made by publishers according to the standards af their day. for more click here

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