The History of Leith

June 11, 2006

Scotland’s amazing role in football’s success

ENGLAND may or may not win the World Cup this summer but they are rightfully considered heroes for inventing football. However there is growing evidence that reveals the true pioneers of the game are from Scotland.

Research conducted by the Scottish Football Museum consistently shows how many of the true creators and ambassadors to today’s style of play were coaches and players north of the Border. The museum’s curator, Richard McBrearty, offers a compelling account from his seven years of evidence-gathering:

“It was only after we did a lot of research that we started looking into these so-called English or British pioneers (of football) and we found out that these were actually Scots,” he says. “That’s a story that hasn’t been told – a story that actually surprises even ourselves. We knew Scotland had an important role, but we didn’t appreciate how important Scots were. for more click here

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