The History of Leith

June 2, 2006

The Lamb family of Leith


It should be noted that the current Lambs House in Leith in all probability was never owned by the Lamb family although it is a 17th century merchant house. The name being being transferred from a earlier building as Burgess Close was in earlier times a lot mere norrow then what is now and many buildings having been demolished with the passage of time.

Also Seafield was originally called Lampacre as the rent on the property paid for the oil that burned in the lamp over the altar of the pre-reformation South Leith Church. So it is possible the property was owned at one time by the Preceptory of St Anthony and then passed onto the Lamb family at the time of Reformation and then the family returned the property back to the Church in 1621

(c) South Leith Records

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